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When it comes to flat and low slope roofs, not every material and installation is the same!

Gillette Roofing is your local professional flat roof expert, specializing in EPDM rubber roofs.

Flat roof

What is EPDM Roofing?

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) is a type of thermoset single-ply rubber membrane extremely effective at waterproofing a roof structure for decades. EPDM is available in a variety of widths, lengths, and thickness. EPDM provides a smooth black or white finish.

Benefits of EPDM rubber roofing systems:

  • offer great economic value for low-slope or flat roofs
  • offer immediate and long term flat roofing solutions
  • warranty 
  • withstand  the effects of various climates and weather cycles
  • available in white has a highly reflective, environmentally friendly surface designed to reduce energy costs
  • require little to no maintenance
  • If damaged by puncture or tear, it can be repaired easily

The professionals at Gillette Roofing use the fully adhered method of EPDM installation, quickly becoming the system of choice for flat roof replacement applications. All seams are sealed with seam tape to ensure a continuous barrier which is watertight. We recommend installing insulation board with EPDM roofing for the added benefit of increasing the R factor of your home.

Allow the technicians to help you decide the best application

Trust the professionals at Gillette Roofing with over 30 years experience to suggest the best flat roof application for your property.

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